Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nursery Tour

Hi Friends- We are pretty settled in these days and am loving (mostly) every second with our sweet Gwen. So far, she is a very easy baby and only cries if she is hungry. We'll see what the future holds for Ms. Gwenny, but I'm hoping she's always this easy to please.

I wanted to share Gwen's nursery with you all. Paul and I worked super hard on her room and did lots of DIY and thrifty projects. We achieved the exact look we wanted on a very small budget. We are thrilled with the result. Care to take a peek?

When you walk into Gwenny's room, the first thing you see is a dresser gifted to us by friends. A fresh coat of paint and a little spray paint to the hardware was all it needed to be brought back to life. On top, you will find a few accessories, including a music box from my childhood. We hung a $2.50 thrift store mirror that I spray painted a happy yellow, and called it a day.

 Our old house has lots of nooks and crannies. I have always wanted a window seat and knew that the nursery was the perfect spot to build one! Paul and I built her window seat and I sewed the pillows and cushion to make a sweet, cozy spot to curl up and read to our girl. We added a wall light so that we could read at night as well. We left the bottom of the seat open for easy (and finger safe) access to toys once Gwen is mobile.

 It may be the kindergarten teacher in me, but I am book obsessed. Paul and I built these book shelves to house the slew of books that Gwenny will have. She already has a great start! On the opposite wall, we framed Anthropologie alphabet cards to create  simple, and educational wall art. My girlfriend made the amazing hanging book decor that hangs from the ceiling. How cool are those?

On the other side of the room, you will find Gwen's dresser/changing station that we took from the living room. I love the feminine feel it adds to her room. I also had to incorporate our pup's into the room and ordered a Boston and Boxer print from etsy. I adore them. Throw in a fun and comfy glider and we'll call this side of the room a day.

Gwen's crib is simple and white. I love the classic look and can't wait for her to sleep in it. Above her crib, we built the sign and painted it with a sweet Dave Matthews Band quote that I felt was very nursery appropriate. How amazing is that mobile? It was definitely a splurge, but my amazing girlfriend bought it from my after I registered for it. Baby girl was definitely loved and spoiled before she even made her arrival!

And that concludes our little tour. Please leave a comment for any source info!


  1. So beautiful! Love the wall library.

  2. The nursery is beautiful, I love all of it!



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