Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shades for the kitchen...check!

After lots of debating and research, I am proud to share that I can now check kitchen shades off my list of things to do in the house. ::insert happy dance here::

In an earlier post, I mentioned I was not having any luck finding roman shades that had a pattern I liked and fit my window, in stores. So, I had to go custom. After calling numerous places in town, I could not find a quote for less than $250 per window, not including fabric. Yikes! That price does not fly for my limited budget, so I had to take action into my own hands.

Though I own a sewing machine, I am no seamstress. I am so intimidated when it comes to sewing on a machine and have failed miserably on many occasions trying to get the hang of it. I wanted the look of roman shades, and to not sew. That's asking for a lot, but I did it! The best part, it was super easy (and cheap)!

Here's how it's done (by the way, I got the idea from Thrifty Decor Chic)

Step 1: Gather supplies- Iron, Stitch Witchery, sewing kit (don't be scared), ribbon, fabric, scissors, C hooks

Step 2: Measure window and hem each end of fabric to meet your dimensions. I used iron on Stitch Witchery in the effort to sew as little as possible. (Tip: don't  forget to  leave a pocket on the top for your curtain rod. Do this last).

Step 3: Hang curtain on rod and decide where you want your folds.
Step 4: Hang 1 C hook on each side of window where ribbons will  hook on to create illusion of  roman folds.
Step 5: While curtain is hanging, decide where you will need to put ribbon and how long it needs to be to loop around hook to get desired fall of folds.
Step 6: Sew ribbon loops onto fabric- this is the only sewing involved in the project and I did it by hand!
Step 7: Take curtain off rod and sew ribbon onto other side at same dimensions. (you have to look closely in the pic to see the white loops).
Step 8: Hang curtain back up, hook on ribbons working from the bottom up and enjoy! When ribbons unloop you have complete privacy. So easy and functional.

For the record, this entire project costs under $12. Not too shabby.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Man Room

This weekend marked a momentous occasion for Paul and I; our one year houseiversary! We've officially lived in our house for a whole year!

As I've said in earlier posts, when we bought our house, it needed lovin'... and lots of it! Though we've tackled much of the house, one room we've been putting off is Paul's "man room."  With the realization that we've been in the house a year and are not done- it's time to pick up speed. Hence, another room redo has begun.

I realize that this is Paul's man room. I do...I swear. However, I can't help but take lead when it comes to anything decorating. It's in my nature. Fortunately, it's also in Paul's nature to let me take lead. This is why we work.

I LOVE all things nautical...anchors, rope sea shells, 50's pin ups ~~~~~~>
so Paul's man room will have a nautical feel.  I'm so excited to get started on the room and to get decorating but first thing's first, we need to paint. We started this evening and painted nearly all of the trim in the room (it's navy blue and I loathe it. LOATHE it. but I will save this for another post.)

I don't think there is anything more important to the feel of a room than paint choice. However, picking the perfect color can prove daunting. Warm colors, cool colors, too dark, too light, egg shell, flat...I can go on and on. Usually, when Paul and I pick color for a room, we have at least 3 samples up on the wall before I can commit.

Not this time! I have known what the color of the walls would be for months and here it is:

Check out that amazing shade of the blue in the entryway. I've had my heart set on this color ever since I started watching Modern Family last fall. It's called Labrador Blue from Benjamin Moore and it's fabulous. I can hardly wait to get it on the walls!

PS-  this set, the Dunphey house on Modern Family is my style dream. Check out some other pics. So fab!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dreams Revealed

With Leonard Dicaprio's Inception on the mind, I have been thinking about my dreams. I'm not an avid believer that dreams have an actual significance in one's life, but I do have one that recurs every few months. Let's take a look at it's meaning!
In this dream, my teeth crumble out of my mouth and into my hands. I am panicked and seek help, mostly from people I know, but it's always to no avail. No one seems to notice even though I am always around people and in all different settings. Creepy!

Apparently, my recurring dream is one of the most common. Here is the interpretation as written on :
One theory is that dreams about your teeth reflect your anxieties about your appearance and how others perceive you... Teeth play an important role in the game of flirtation, whether it be flashing those pearly white, kissing or necking. Thus, such dreams may stem from a fear of rejection, sexual impotence or the consequences of getting old...Teeth are an important feature to your attractiveness and how you are presented to others. Caring about how you look is natural and healthy...This dream may be an indication that you need to be more assertive and believe in the value of your own opinion. <------- (clearly, they've never met me!)
There you have it, my dream interpretation! I can't say any of this applies to me, but it's interesting to find out the "meaning" behind the madness.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weird little fact

I had an extraordinary amount of things to get done today. Some important, others not, but I was determined to get it all done. A woman with a mission. With a pretty open schedule, finding the time to achieve everything wasn't an issue, however, remembering everything that needed to get done well...that posed for a problem.

Because my memory, admittedly, is less than stellar, I have a habit of making lists. I need them. Whether it's errands, laundry, groceries, chores, bucket, or packing, I make a list for it all. Give me a reason, I will give you a list. The truth is, when it comes down to it:

- love 
 - making 
- lists 
(and I look for reasons to make them)

List making may reign amongst the top of my list (hehe) of favorite activities but, it's not the actual writing of the list that does it for me. What really does it for me is crossing things out. Call me crazy, but there are few things that give me as much satisfaction as running a line through my self-assigned task. Not much compares to that feeling of instant achievement. And yes, for the record, I am one of "those people" who adds easy tasks just for the sake of crossing it out. I'm a thrill seeker, what can I say?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A little lovin' goes a long way...

I've been pestering my husband, Paul, for a new dining room set for quite some time. Though I am more than appreciative of the donation of Paul's parent's 30+ year old table and Ikea dining room chairs that make up our current "dining room set," they are just not cutting it anymore! My little heart has been set on this (Sumner from Pottery Barn) for quite some time. Perfection.

Unfortunately for me, Pottery Barn and Paul do not see eye to table when it comes to what a dining room set should cost. This means, I have to be creative to achieve the look that I want.

Bring in the dumpster diving!!!

I found these beauties out on the curb last week while walking my pups on trash day. With their "tasteful" color, dirt covering, and shredded bottoms, they didn't look like much. However, I knew I hit the jackpot! Embarrassingly enough, the lady that threw these away saw me when I was scurrying to get these into my car (yes, I raced home to get my car to not miss out on this fabulous opportunity). She asked me if I was going to make planters out of them, I looked her in the eye and replied, "nope, these are my new dining room chairs!"

Before you judge me for trash diving, look at it this way. I've looked online, and cannot find ladder back chairs for under $120/chair minimum. Let alone, ones that are made out of good, solid wood. With a good sanding, paint job, and new seat, I knew I could get these babies looking good as new!

And... I was right! Check out my work:

With a little sand paper, two cans of spray paint , and wood for the seats, I have three "brand new" dining room chairs. I have turned trash into treasure and all for the grand total of approximately $20. Take that Pottery Barn!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Key West- "Where the World Goes to Party"

... or to kill time while their husband works!

This summer is very bittersweet for me. Though I have 10 glorious weeks off, Paul will be gone for 7 of them. This separation makes for a bit of loneliness, many house projects, countless dinners alone, and... the chance to travel! What sense would it make to be a Navy wife without taking advantage of this sweet, sweet opportunity?

I was fortunate enough to spend 4 1/2 days "with" Paul this week in beautiful Key West. Though Paul worked 3 of the 4 1/2 days I was there, I managed to find plenty to do to entertain myself. There is nothing a good book and a beautiful beach can't solve.

Did you know that approximately 800 islands make up the Florida Keys? Of these islands, only 30 are inhabited by people. Key West has the greatest population of 25,000 full year residents, or "Conch's" as they are called.

Key West offers something for everyone; museums, history, art, diversity, beaches and...drinking. There is never an inappropriate time to have a cocktail (or two) in hand. Most people that visit Key West take full advantage of this, myself included!

A trip to Key West would not be complete without the very cliche, yet very necessary photograph with the Southernmost Point marker. This marks a distance of 90 miles from Cuba, which is actually closer to Key West than Miami (154 miles).

The highlight of my trip was my visit to Mallory Square. According to the locals, Mallory Square used to be a quiet place for Conch's to hang out, drink, and party. With a backdrop of an unrivaled sunset, who can blame them for choosing this spot so many years ago? In recent years, Mallory Square has become a large tourist attraction, full of performers and local art vendors. What has not changed, is the view of the sunset. Absolutely and simply breathtaking.


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