Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shades for the kitchen...check!

After lots of debating and research, I am proud to share that I can now check kitchen shades off my list of things to do in the house. ::insert happy dance here::

In an earlier post, I mentioned I was not having any luck finding roman shades that had a pattern I liked and fit my window, in stores. So, I had to go custom. After calling numerous places in town, I could not find a quote for less than $250 per window, not including fabric. Yikes! That price does not fly for my limited budget, so I had to take action into my own hands.

Though I own a sewing machine, I am no seamstress. I am so intimidated when it comes to sewing on a machine and have failed miserably on many occasions trying to get the hang of it. I wanted the look of roman shades, and to not sew. That's asking for a lot, but I did it! The best part, it was super easy (and cheap)!

Here's how it's done (by the way, I got the idea from Thrifty Decor Chic)

Step 1: Gather supplies- Iron, Stitch Witchery, sewing kit (don't be scared), ribbon, fabric, scissors, C hooks

Step 2: Measure window and hem each end of fabric to meet your dimensions. I used iron on Stitch Witchery in the effort to sew as little as possible. (Tip: don't  forget to  leave a pocket on the top for your curtain rod. Do this last).

Step 3: Hang curtain on rod and decide where you want your folds.
Step 4: Hang 1 C hook on each side of window where ribbons will  hook on to create illusion of  roman folds.
Step 5: While curtain is hanging, decide where you will need to put ribbon and how long it needs to be to loop around hook to get desired fall of folds.
Step 6: Sew ribbon loops onto fabric- this is the only sewing involved in the project and I did it by hand!
Step 7: Take curtain off rod and sew ribbon onto other side at same dimensions. (you have to look closely in the pic to see the white loops).
Step 8: Hang curtain back up, hook on ribbons working from the bottom up and enjoy! When ribbons unloop you have complete privacy. So easy and functional.

For the record, this entire project costs under $12. Not too shabby.


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