Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Calling All Suggestions

Long time, no post! My trip home to Jersey has taken a "left turn" and landed my dad in the hospital. He should be ok, but I just wanted to explain the reason for my slacking.

Anywho, I will soon be getting a blog makeover so I can grab the blogging world by the...mouse (I'm so funny). I am thinking of revamping the name as well. Here are my ideas...some are a little "creative", but I figured I'd toss 'em out and see what sticks. Without further ado, here are my best attempts at a clever blog title:

Simple Pleasures

The Life of a Land Based Mermaid

The Makings of a {wannabe} Domestic Goddess

Our Little Fixer Upper and Other Adventures

Just a Little Lovin’

Well, what do you think? Any new thoughts or ways to improve upon my ideas? Help!!!


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