Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a find!

I've never won the lottery, or any major prize for that matter, but, after this weekend, I think I know how those lucky ducks feel.

Ever since we bought our Sumner table a few months back, I've been vying for a white bench in lieu of two chairs. I love the concept of a dining table with a bench. It tones down the whole "formal" eating vibe and brings a casual, welcoming feel to the table. The problem with benches is that they're expensive. I'd had no lucking finding anything I remotely liked for under $500 smackaroos.

Prior to this weekend, our seating situation consisted of  curbside treasures and local thrift shop finds for $10 and $15 a piece. They are all ladder back chairs and are white and different shades of natural wood. I love the idea of chairs that go together, but aren't part of a set. The eclectic look adds interest, texture and variety to what can be just a "blah" table set. Never mind the fact that the chairs that go with our table are over $300 a pop! No, thank you.

I mentioned last week that I was looking for new throw pillows to match my new living room shades. I headed over to TJ Maxx (have I mentioned how much I LOVE that store?) in the search of some pillows but, came up with nothing. As I was walking out of the store, in the corner of my eye I spotted something. When I realized what it was, my jaw dropped.

As though it was sent from the decorating gods themselves, there, in the middle of the furniture section, was a bench that was EXACTLY what I'd been looking for over the last four months. Rush top, white, distressed, seats two. Literally, the most perfect bench that anyone I had ever seen. The pricetag? $130. I could not believe it and used all of my might to quickly carry the bench to the cashier.

Don't you just love those finds where you don't even have to hesitate to purchase because it's so perfectly and exactly what you need? It doesn't happen often, but when it does...sweet, sweet victory.

I brought my glorious find home and placed her at the dining room table. She is perfect, gorgeous, and everything I ever wanted. Kinda what the hubs thinks of me :)

And here she is:

What do you think? Have you ever had a purchase that was so perfectly perfect that you just couldn't believe it? I'd love to hear!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Real Slim Shadey

A few months back, the hubs and I decided that our living room needed an update. It was a bit too neutral and needed a new hue. Ever since the addition of H2Ahhh (dontcha just love that name?) to our living room, something has just been off. For a while, I couldn't quite put my finger on it, and then it hit me. The curtains that had once complimented our oh so neutral living room, were now detracting from the new color and the new windows that were installed back in November.

For the last two months, I lived with the curtains, but they were slowly wearing me down. They needed to go. I wasn't quite sure  exactly what I was looking for, but just like I found my sweet husband, I knew that when I stumbled upon "the one" I would just know. Can you tell I'm missing him these days?

Last weekend, in search of the perfect fabric, I headed to the local fabric shop to peruse the aisles and came up with zilch. I was feeling defeated until I headed to the rear of the store to the higher end fabric that I can't really afford. And this is where I got lucky. I nearly squealed with excitement when I found "the one" for $22.99/yard and found that it was 50% off. I was sold. Hook, line and sinker. Sure $11 a yard was still a little more than I wanted to spend, but I was too head over heals in love with this fabric, I just had to have it.

I'm such a sucker for florals...

At the register checking out, Lady Luck struck again. When the cashier rang up my five yards of floral gorgeousness, I thought the total seemed a little low. What should have been around a $65 purchase was $33. I figured everything was just on super sale. It wasn't until later that I realized the cashier had only charged me for two of my five yards of fabric. Score!

Sidenote, when this happens to you, do you speak up, or just get super excited inside and pray they don't notice? My rule of thumb is:

If it's a big chain store, I get super excited inside. If it's a mom and pop shop, I speak up. 

Don't judge.

Anywho, I got the fabric home and quickly began to iron my new shades...

Yes you heard me, iron. I'm a girl that owns a sewing machine but I don't know how to sew. At all. Here is the tutorial on how to make them, and the inspiration is from Thrifty Decor Chick.

It took about three episodes of Dexter hours to make and hang my new window treatments, but I now have three gorgeous shades in our living room that cost a mere $6.20 each. Amazing! What do you think?

And for those of you that like the side by side before and after, this is for you:

Now that these shades are up, I realize how heavy looking the old curtains were. I had no idea that they were pulling down the whole room! These new shades are just what I needed to brighten up and give the living room a face lift. I just love the open and airy feel. I can't wait to accessorize the room to match the new curtains! I'm on the hunt for a new throw, and throw pillows.

What do you think? Are you a fan of shades or did your prefer the old curtains? Have you ever gotten free merchandise due to cashier error? Did you speak up or take the money and run?.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bathroom Renovation Part Four: Womp, Womp, Womp

Well hey there strangers! It's been nearly a week since I've posted anything. Please excuse me. With report cards due Friday, my new workout routine plus Macie's dog training class (we'll touch on those another day) and the fact that I'm hosting nearly 20 people for our monthly OSC (Officer's Spouse Club) meeting on Saturday, I'm wiped. Oh yeah, I've also taken on making new shades for the living room, felting headbands, and some other general redecorating and crafts. I'm exhausted just typing it all...

But, my dear bloggy friends, I have some bad news... 
Our bathroom is not yet complete. And the hubs is gone for a month. I could cry. Cue the violins.

Due to a last minute broken tile saw, and the wrong sized nipple (the faucet's not mine thankyouverymuch!) we've been delayed. I could probably finish it alone but I want to do it with the hubs. We started this together, and will finish it together. Plus, I think I'm just a smidge over this project. However, I do have some updates to show you. Care to see?

The last time I showed you the bathroom, it looked a little something like this. No lighting besides our floor lamp, no sink, and, most importantly, no commode.

These days, we have a mostly functional restroom and a complete floor. I have to tell you, I am LOVING it. The vanity is about 6 inches narrower than the one we took out and it makes our teeny tiny bathroom feel so much larger. A wise choice on our parts, if I do say so myself.

As for the shower, we have two of the three walls tiled. They're simple and classic. We're very happy with the results. If you take a look at our unfinished third wall, here's what's holding up our entire bathroom remodel.

The pipe that sticks out of the wall and into the faucet is called a nipple. This stinkin' nipple has made it very difficult for us as our faucet will not fit onto it. We have to get some expert help to advise us and, luckily, I have a friend coming over tomorrow to help. Once this problem is solved, we will be able to tile around it. Don't you just hate uncooperative nipples?

So there you have it, the progress that's been made in the bathroom. Luckily, we have two showers so our out of commission shower has not been too big of an issue. 

Next update you get will be the final reveal. Let's hope it's much sooner than later!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's Cookin' Wednesday'? Lazy Girl Edition

How's it going lovely friends? If you haven't noticed, I've revamped What's Cookin' Good Lookin' a bit. I have a new title and a brand spankin' new button that I made (Thanks Ms. Meg for teaching me how!) I hope you are cooking something great up this week- I sure am... well kinda! 

Mingle 240

What's Cookin' Wednesday is my newly developed blog hop that mixes two of my favorite things: Cooking and gaining new followers. I get so tired of making the same recipes over and over again and I am looking to you, bloggy friends, to help spice up my kitchen. Here's how it works:

1) Must be a "This Life of Ours" follower to join
2) Blog about what's for dinner in your house or share an old post with a recipe that you love!

3) Scroll down to the bottom of this blog post and click on the link to enter.

4) Post your recipe (with the title of your blog) and you're ready to go!

5) Every Sunday night I will (try to) make one of the entered recipes and blog about it.
(entries must be in by 12:00pm on Saturday)

Here's what I "cooked" up tonight...
Banana Fluffernutter (BFN)

I understand that a BFN is not exactly cooking, but we're looking for delicious recipes right? No one ever set the rule that you have to use an oven, microwave, stove etc. for it to count. Don't judge me. If you've never tried a BFN, you really have no idea what you're missing. Please hop on the bandwagon now. 

Here's what you need...

Peanut butter (I prefer creamy)
Marshmallow Fluff
1/2 banana
2 pieces of bread to your liking (We use honey wheat).

Here's what you do...

1. Smear your desired amount of PB on one side of the bread
2. Smear your desired amount of Fluff on the other
3. Slice the banana fairly thin and put pieces on sandwich
4. Close sandwich and cut (I prefer diagonal :)
5. Eat, and wonder how you've lived this long without a BFN.

Do you have any favorite lazy yet delicious meals? I'd love to hear them! Can't wait to see what you're cooking up this week!

PS- Please grab my button if you participate to try and bring new friends. Let's make this recipe swap grow!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Three Little Birds...

Somewhere in the midst of our bathroom renovation, traveling to New Jersey and a big snowstorm, my keys have gone a missin'. We searched for weeks but, with each passing day, the hope of recovering my keys dwindled. It was time to take action. It was time to make a new set of keys.

Coming to terms with the fact that my keys are gone proves quite sad for me. You see, I have an attachment to an enormous diamond key ring that my mom gave to me when I got engaged. Tacky? Yes. Sentimental?  You betcha. Though the hubs and I have celebrated three wedding anniversaries, I’m still attached to that rock. But it’s not only the sentimental loss that I’m feeling. I also lost my jump drive that contains the contents of my career (it’s backed up in three other spots so that’s not a huge issue) and the extra clicker to my car; an $80+ value. 

I don’t have much experience when it comes to getting keys cut. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had a key made. So when I went to Home Depot to get the key made, I was pleasantly surprised. Did you know that you can keys made in all different shapes and sizes? Keys come in more variety than just plain old silver and gold. I could not resist the temptation and made the $4.78 splurge on this:

How stinkin’ cute? The three little birds remind me of the Bob Marley classic and the bling pays homage to my long lost “diamond” key ring. I smile every time that I look down at my keys. It’s funny how something so silly can brighten my day and I can’t help but sing in my head “don’t worry, ‘bout a thing…cause everything little thing is gonna be alright…”

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Isn't it ironic?

Oh bloggy friends, I need help. I had a whole post ready to go about cleaning tonight, but I've had to change directions because of this:

I'll explain...

You see, with the bathroom renovation (I know, I'm over it too) our house is a mess. No, let's take it a step further, our house is a! I couldn't take it any longer and, since the hubs is flying late tonight, I decided to forgo tiling and grouting for sweeping and dusting.

For two hours this evening, I deep cleaned the downstairs of our home. Baseboards, chair rails, microwave, everything. It sparkles! I was just getting ready to sit down, eat my lean cuisine and relax, when the unthinkable happened.

As I was removing my gourmet dinner from the microwave, I spilled a good amount of the sauce on the stove top and down the front of the oven. It was rather annoying, but I quickly began to wipe it, until I realized it wouldn't come off. The sauce somehow managed to spill in between the two glass doors. Oh, the horror....

I can't figure out how to remove the glass, or if it's even possible. Help! Have any of you ever been in the situation? Any ideas? Or do you just find it ironic that I had a whole post about cleaning prepared and now I'm begging for tips...irony at it's finest!

Speaking of cooking, have you participated in What's Cookin' Good Lookin' this week?  I can't wait to see what you're cooking up! Feel free to bring a friend or two!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What's Cookin' Good Lookin'?

Hello lovely bloggers! Are you snowed in like much of the country? Perfect time to get cooking on a brand new recipe don'tcha think?
What's Cookin' Good Lookin' is my attempt at a blog recipe exchange. I get tired of making the same things over and over again, and am looking to my blog friends to help spice up my the kitchen. So please participate in this recipe exchange in return for some great recipes and new followers!
Mingle 240

Here's how to join:

1) Must be a "This Life of Ours" follower to join

You can follow by clicking on the "follow" button over there ------>
2) Blog about what's for dinner in your house or share an old post with a recipe that you love!

3) Scroll down to the bottom of this blog post and click on the link to enter.

4) Post your recipe (with the title of your blog) and you're ready to go!

5) Every Sunday night I will make one of the entered recipes and blog about it.
(entries must be in by 12:00pm on Saturday)

***For extra super cool bonus points, please put a link to What's Cookin' Good Lookin' in your blog post to help get more bloggers and recipes to join! Our kitchen's are about to get a lot more fun!***

*** If you try a recipe, please comment and let us know how it was *** 

Thank you for your participation and sorry I didn't make one of your delicious recipes this week. I hope you forgive me. This bathroom has us booked up the wazoo. We are at work until 5ish each day, come home, and work until 10-11 on the bathroom. I kid you not. I'm exhausted!
We took a break Saturday night and I had the chance to make a delicious meal which was inspired by Many Waters Pot Pie. I'm going to go as far as to say that this is one of the best meals I've ever made. For reals... 
So, with no further ado...
This recipe is from (my favorite site ever). I made it as is except I substituted the carrots for peas and mushrooms. This isn't a very healthy recipe, but for a once in a while winter meal, it hit the spot.

What are you cooking up this week? 


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"That's what she said"

Being a kindergarten teacher, it's not often I get to write "like a grownup." When I began this blog, an objective I set was to use this blog as an outlet to write in a grown up fashion. This post does not reflect that goal.

One of the hubs and my favorite TV shows is The Office. We own every season and have watched each episode countless times. Often, we use Michael Scott's (a main character of the show) coined phrase "that's what she said," when referring to something of sexual or ridiculous nature. This proves no differently for our bathroom renovation. Over the last two weeks, the hubs and I have spent approximately 50 or more hours locked in our 5 x 8ft closet of a bathroom. We've needed some comic relief.

The following are actual instances to which we've added Michael Scott's famous quote. If you're easily offended, I would stop reading right about now. If you're open to crass and childish humor, get on it (that's what she said):

" It's too big."   (that's what she said)
" I swear it fit last time." (that's what she said)
" I can't get a good grip on this." (that's what she said)
" Why do I feel like the hole changed sizes?" (that's what she said)
" Oh my gosh, it's spraying all over me." (that's what she said)
" Come on, give it a good whack." (that's what she said)
" If you want it to work you have to do it harder than that." (that's what she said)
" That's not straight at all." (that's what she said)
" I can't get it in." (that's what she said)
" It's so hard to screw this. " (that's what she said)
" It's still too soft." (that's what she said) 
" I'm so tired of being on my knees." (that's what she said) 

And, our personal favorite... 

" Just get on top of it and push really hard." (that's what she said)

I hope you get a kick out of these as much as we did. I know it's silly, childish, and immature, but it has kept us entertained over the last two weeks. Plus, I know we're not the only ones there tossing out the ole' "That's what she said." Are you guilty as well?

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Bathroom Renovation Parte Three: Putting up Walls

It's been a while since I gave an update on our bathroom renovation. With the winter holidays over and the hubs and I back at work full-time, we've slowed down a bit. I'm thinking we should be completely done by the end of this week. Let's hope so because we have family coming into town on Saturday. Nothing like an impending visit from the in-laws to light the fire under our bums! For the record, my MIL is wonderful, but of course we want the house to look great for our guests (and we want to show off our handy work).

The last time I checked in with you all, our bathroom looked a little like this:

How's that for the rustic look?

I'm thrilled to tell you that we now have four painted walls, as well as most of tile floor laid. Since the whole process of rebuilding a room is not terribly exciting, this is mostly an informational post. I'm jam-packing it with how to's since I was clueless on how to hang dry wall. Though I'm still no expert, I am much more adept at the process and hope that our adventures (and mis-adventures) can help at least one other person.

If you notice in our photos, we didn't take down the entire wall. We removed what was behind the tile and salvaged the rest. This was for a few reasons:

1. We were exhausted after the demo process.
2. We're cheap and didn't want spend the money on more drywall.
3. We were a bit nervous to deal with ceiling and wall seams.

That said, hanging the dry wall below the existing plaster walls was no easy feat. Because the plaster walls were thicker than the dry wall, we had to figure out how to get our walls to meet seamlessly. The answer? Beef up the beams.


We used 1/4" furring strips to thicken our beams. Once we cut, hammered, and nailed the strips to each beam, we were ready to hang our dry wall. Since we're renovating a bathroom, we used green board which is water and mold resistant. Though it's bit more expensive than standard dry wall, it's definitely worth using in high humidity rooms. No one likes a moldy wall!

I won't share the details of hanging drywall because it truly is boring (if you need some tips, please ask away!), but we did learn a few tips in the process that are worth sharing:

1. After the drywall was hung, we used self adhesive waterproof mesh tape for the seams. So easy to use and cut.
2. We used pre-mixed joint compound (more expensive but wanted the right consistency) to mud the walls. It took three coats to get the look we wanted and we sanded inbetween coats. Remember to use drywall sand paper. It makes all of the difference!
3. Be sure each coat of mud is completely dry before sanding and applying the next coat.
4. When applying the mud, use puddy knives that gradually get bigger. We used 4", 6", then 8" knives, I believe.

When we were done, our walls looked a little something like this:

As a fun little intermission, I had the idea to leave a little love for future homeowners of our sweet, little home.

Is it wrong that this makes me a little sad?

For the shower walls, we used Durarock (or cement board). Though it's heavier and more expensive then green board, it is the right product to use as it's water proof. You definitely don't want water getting to those beams!

A big debate that we came across in the renovation world is whether or not to use a vapor barrier in between the durarock and the beams. This barrier is to ensure that no water can get in and rot the wood in the walls. Some say it's effective, others say it can actually hold moisture and, in turn, cause more damage. After speaking to a few experts, we decided to use the vapor barrier on our exterior wall since that is where the cold air enters our home. After re insulating with the free insulation we found in storage from the previous owners (cha-ching!) we put up the vapor barrier with a staple gun. Easy as pie. Note: always wear a mask, gloves, and cover your skin when insulating. Fiberglass in your skin or lungs is not fun.

As for the paint, before we could get the color on the wall, it was important to prime the green board, otherwise it will soak up paint. After a quick application of primer, we used a Glidden brand paint called Silver Drop. I had the solution cut down 25% to make the shade a little lighter. The color is a very soft gray that would look white if not compared to the ceiling. I love, love, love it. The hubs thinks it looks white, but he's just happy I'm happy. Gotta love that sweet husband of mine.

And that, my friends, is how we're looking these days. I have to tell you, we are so proud of how our walls turned out. For first timers seaming two walls made of different materials, we feel we did a heckuva job! There are slight imperfections, but they can easily be attributed to the fact that our house is 50+ years old. Just more character adding to the charm of our home, right?

Before I go, I will leave you with two images. The first one is a sneak peak of how our bathroom is looking at this very moment. Digging the tile? The second, my two favorite boys. Mattingly is a constant fixture at the bathroom door while we work. I think he's over the renovation. He's one good looking dog...and the hubs isn't so bad himself!

Stay tuned for our tile reveal and how to...coming soon!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Reving it up!

We all have them; those pesky pet peeves in your home that just irk you to no end. Most of the time, they're an easy fix, but not quite problematic enough to put effort into amending. You must have at least one if you think about it long enough. I'll give you a minute....

Got it?

Ours was in the kitchen.

If you've seen our kitchen, you'll be quick to notice that it's not very large. It's long and narrow, which doesn't allow much space for a trash can. Plus, I'm just not a fan of exposed trash. I like to keep it hidden, I'm secretive like that. So, to cater to our kitchen and my needs, we threw a small plastic bin under the sink. A fine solution, except that I always, always found trash in the cabinet. We have bad aim, what can I say? I was fed up with picking up trash from the Kraft Single wrapper too many threw me over the edge. 

I decided to put an end to our trash issue on one of our recent Lowe's trips. The solution? The hubs and I bought our very first under the cabinet pull out garbage can kit from:

check out more of their products here

I was so very anxious to install our Rev A Shelf and whipped out our drill as soon as we got home. Then I ran into a problem...

The cabinet wouldn't close. In my moment of excitement, I forgot to measure to ensure our new trash can would fit. Due to our feed from the dishwasher, it didn't. Drats!

Lucky for us, I was able to think outside of the cabinet box and put the new Rev a Shelf under the left side of the cabinet where there are no pipes. And wouldn't you know, it fit like a glove. Well not quite like a glove, but you get the point.

After four quick screws and a switcheroo of our cleaning supplies, our pesky problem was solved.

Don't you just love organization? It makes my heart flutter.

For the record, it's now been about three weeks since we've switched our garbage can set up, and I'm happy to share that our cabinets are free of debris. The downside? The hubs and I are creatures of habit and haven't adapted to it's new location. We'll get there...hopefully!

Now that I've shared our silly little home issue, I want to know about yours. What is that one (or more) thing in your home that is so irritating but not quite worth your effort? Or maybe you're crazy like me and need to fix what's not quite that broken. Do you own any Rev A Shelf products and love them as much as we do?

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

What's Cookin' Good Lookin'?

What's Cookin' Good Lookin' is my attempt at a blog recipe exchange. I get tired of making the same things over and over again, and am looking to my blog friends to help spice up my the kitchen. So please participate in this recipe exchange in return for some great recipes and new followers!

Here's how to join:

1) Must be a "This Life of Ours" follower to join

You can follow by clicking on the "follow" button over there ------>
2) Blog about what's cooking in your house tonight or share an old post with a recipe that you love!

3) Scroll down to the bottom of this blog post and click on the link to enter.

4) Post your recipe (with the title of your blog) and you're ready to go!

5) Every Sunday night I will make one of the entered recipes and blog about it.
(entries must be in by 12:00pm on Saturday)

***For extra super cool bonus points, please put a link to What's Cookin' Good Lookin' in your blog post to help get more bloggers and recipes to join! Our kitchen's are about to get a lot more fun!***

*** If you try a recipe, please comment and let us know how it was *** 
And contribution
OK, you've got me! With the bathroom renovation, there will be no cooking in our home tonight, however, I am going to share my world famous (at least in our house) crock pot, pot roast recipe. It is delicious, so easy, and guaranteed to knock your socks off. 
Trish's (moms) World Famous Pot Roast 
(serves 6ish)

3-4 lb rump roast
2 cans of condensed cream of mushroom soup
1 package of lipton onion soup mix
2 bay leaves (optional)
1 bag of wide egg noodles

How to:

1. Trim fat off rump roast
2. Put roast in crock pot and pour soup on top, then put onion soup mix on top of that, and then bay leaves. Don't add water!
3. Cook on low for 4-5 hours or until soft enough to slice
4. Remove roast from crockpot and slice meat (remove bay leaves)
5. Return to crock pot and cook another 3-4 hours or until meat is tender and falling apart
6. Serve over egg noodles and enjoy

This is my absolute favorite meal of all time and is so easy, even my hubs can make it successfully! Enjoy!

Can't wait to see what you're cooking up this week!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Got the fever?

I'm interrupting our ongoing bathroom renovation saga to discuss something a little more personal. I recently found out that a close friend is having a baby! How exciting is that? I love, love, love babies and am ecstatic to have a scout that is testing the "parental waters" out for us before we take the dive. From what I hear, once you jump into that pool, there's no getting out. Yikes!

I'll be honest and tell you that having a baby has come up often in our 3 1/2 years of marriage. Truthfully, during the first year of our marriage we were ready to go, but changed our minds. Good call on our part. We weren't secure enough financially and just hadn't enjoyed being married long enough. Now that we're entering our late twenties (ah!), are further along in our careers, have done some traveling and spent plenty of time as a couple, we've recently begun to reassess the waters. Are we ready to be parents?

Because I don't have any experience in parenthood, nor do I have many friends with children, I am turning to you all, my wonderful blog friends, for some input. My questions for you all, whether you are a mom or not: how did/do you know when you were/are ready? Do you actually believe that there is a "right" time to have a child? I know that there is no "magic" answer, as having a baby is such a personal decision, but I'm the kind of girl that likes to learn from others experiences and information. I would love to hear your input!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Bathroom Renovation Part Three: The Demo

When we decided to take on our bathroom, the part my hunka, hunka burnin' muscle hubs most looked forward to was the demo. He was so excited to wreak havoc on the dated tiled and peeling walls. I, on the other hand, was a little leery. Either way, we were two eager DIYers ready to put the smack down on our 51 - year old bathroom. No hold's bar if you will. Unfortunately, our bathroom was not going out without a fight. So while we were ready to put the smack down on our bathroom, it definitely smacked back.

See that smile on my face as I removed the first tile? Let's call this the, "ignorance is bliss," photo. Though that first tile came off easily, we had no idea what our middle aged beast of a bathroom had in store for us.

Did you feel that? Yep, this was our first smack across the face. It left a mark. A big, red welt right on the cheek. Behind the 1/4 inch tile was about 2 inches of cement and metal lathe. I compare metal lathe to a very thick chicken wire that is super sharp. This is how tile was laid before thinset and cement board. Built to last. Had our bathroom lacked a window, I think it would be safe it say it could double as a bomb shelter. Seriously.

That said, a hammer and chisel were not going to cut it so we had to bring in back up to win this fight. Enter, the demo and sledge hammer. We shelled out the $90 at Home Depot to rent some power tools help bring down the walls. Did I mention that we had this tile on all.four.walls of the bathroom? Lucky us.  

Over the course of the next 48 hours (20 of which were spent working) the hubs and I (but mostly the hubs) brought down the house bathroom walls.

Talk about one heck of a mess. Our bathroom floor and tub were filled like this four times. Each time the rubble grew too high (about seven inches), we had to shovel it out so we could walk. In the end, we filled 28 black contractor's garbage bags full of tile and cement. We filled two 90 gallon garbage cans with the metal lathe. Our trash collectors are not our number one fans these days.

In the end, through the blood, sweat and surprisingly no tears, we cleared out the bathroom and took the next day off. We were too sore, tired, and beat up to work!

Stay tuned for the next installment when we put the room back together! I am happy to say that we now have four, complete walls in our bathroom! Yahoo!!!


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