Monday, November 01, 2010

A New Hue

When we closed on our home 15 months ago, I had to make a quick decision on the living room color. The store was closing and that darling hubs of mine was putting the pressure on because he wanted to paint the living room that day. Well, as I always used to do, instead of  falling in love, I settled for "eh." Here's a quick photo evolution of our living room paint colors.

The original living room. This photo was taken during our inspection. Don't you just love the pink built-in's, dirty white walls and cream trim? Eat your hearts out.

The night we moved into our home we got right onto painting. Here is the neutralness that I chose:

I was not able to stand the color of the living room. It wasn't a bad color by any means, but it didn't knock my socks off. I could no longer settle for "eh." I also could.not.stand how the couches blended right into the wall. 

So.... this Saturday we repainted the living room. Actually, I lie. For the first time ever, we paid someone to paint the living room.


DIY gods, please do not strike me down.

It was cheap and the hubs is home a total of two out of the next 12 weeks, otherwise we would never pay for labor we could do ourselves.

So, the new hue...Ready?

The new color is colorful, yet neutral. Elegant, yet young. I am just loving it and how it brings out all of our white trim. It's amazing how much impact a simple paint job can have on a room! 


  1. I ADORE that color! I love color and that is beautiful.

  2. Hi from Mingle Monday!

    That color is great!

  3. The color looks great, and how jealous am I that you had someone come in and paint for you?!?


  4. Ooh, I love that color! We didn't do any painting, but hopefully we'll get around to it sometime!

  5. I loovee it! Its beautiful!

    I think i'll stick to paying people in the future! Your room looks great!



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