Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Muffins anyone?

This weekend I hit up my favorite store, Ann Taylor Loft to see what was going down in the land of petites. I was so excited when I saw these jeans on sale for $19.99. Add in my 25% of coupon and teacher's discount and that dropped them down to $13.99!

$13.99 for hot new jeans? Yes, please!

Well, there was one issue and it was sort of a big deal. The jeans were one size too small.

When I tried them on  the dreaded muffin top reared it's ugly, jiggly head.

This is not me! Got it here
I instantly pictured myself strutting down the block with my flub hanging and being cat-called...bowchichabowow!

Are you kidding me? Muffin top is the worst. But, guess what I did? I bought the jeans anyway....I'm such a masochist. Truth is, I decided that if the jeans don't fit me, well gosh darnit, I'm going to fit the jeans! I was this size not too very long ago so it's probably time I get my rear in gear (a smaller gear of course!)I've enjoyed every second of indulging but now it's time to get a movin', literally.

So wish me luck that I can get myself comfortably into these jeans in the not too distant future. Until then ladies, flaunt it! Muffin tops and all.



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