Monday, November 15, 2010

A sad, sad first...

I wanted to take a moment to show you the world's longest mirror project. By world's longest, I mean, the most annoying and tedious project ever.

Shall we continue?

I had a vision of a set of sparkling, yet subtle mirrors to replace the seashell picture in our dining room:

Pardon the image, it's the only one I could scavenge up on this computer and the main focus was the light fixture, but you get the idea of the seashell pic.

Anywho, back to my vision. What I intended was to make a super trendy and sparkly, yet classic and subtle group of mirrors as the focus on our back wall in the dining room.

I started with eight of these $3 pine mirrors from Ikea:

Not terrible on its own, but I had a plan. I would add those glass bead things that fill vases. Sorry for no pics....

Over the course of two weeks, 10ish hours, 1 bottle of white spray paint, about 60 glue sticks later, and a crippled had from gluing each.individual.bead, here's what I ended up with (click on the pics for better detail):

I have to be honest with ya- I'm feeling "eh" about them, but they'll do. This is the first project that I've completed that I'm not head over heals in love with. I think even this post lacks the usual enthusiasm I have when I complete a project. But, it's better than the seashell pic, right?

You better say yes or I'll have to whip my glue gun out on ya :)


  1. I think they look very good. So impressed. I love it! Maybe you spent so much time on them you are just tired of looking at them!!

  2. Honestly, I love them!! Like Anna said, maybe you're just tired of seeing them after all of the time you spent on them. Hopefully they'll grow on you over time! I think they look great!

  3. I actually think they look amazing! I can't believe you made them!

  4. I like them as well! And that tedious work would have had my anxiety going a mile a minute. I'm actually surprised your post didn't read, (because you seem a lot like me and this is what mine would have said if I posted this:)
    " 'Over the course of two weeks, 10ish hours, 1 bottle of white spray paint, about 60 glue sticks later, and a crippled had from gluing each.individual.bead' AND a few bottles of wine...." lol

    I think you did a good job and I really like them!

  5. I really like them, too!! But I'm a sucker for all things seashells!

  6. I think they are awesome! You did a great job! Sorry you aren't in love with them though :(

    and lol @ melzie because the first time I read 1 bottle of wine instead of white spray paint..I would have needed the wine!

  7. I like em! And I like you! Good work babe

  8. wow you did a great job! I think your idea was wonderful, but in the pictures, it doesn't seem to flow with your curtains. But that also could be the lighting since the first picture is much brighter than the second. I think you should keep them up, they look really good :) I hope you fall in love with them soon.

  9. Yep, I think they're awesome, too!!!!

  10. Thanks all! You're helping them grow on me :)

    Victoria- in person they flow much better. I just stink at using my dslr. I really appreciate your honesty!

  11. Omg that's looks soo great! How could you be "eh"!?!? Haha man I never come up with clever ideas like that... I always have to go searching online for ideas. Anyway you had me instantly as a follower when I saw the pic of your boxer ;-) LOVE LOVE LOVE BOXERS! Unfourtuanlty we're not getting one though (YET).. we couldn't find one in our price range around here. But we're going with something almost as cute! =)



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