Monday, November 08, 2010

This Table's a Hoot!

Well hi there! Sorry I've been MIA the last few days, life's been crrrrrazy! But who doesn't love a little crazy? I do and the hubs sure does- I think that's another reason he married me.

I've got so much to share with you all: a fancy shmancy military ball, a new mirror project to reveal, even a trip to the farm...but this week will be dedicated to one thing and one thing only; Thanksgiving! Why? Simply because it's my most favorite time of year. And, I'm happy to share that tonight for dinner and every other night this week, we are eating Thanksgiving leftovers. Take a peek into our fridge:

All of those containers are leftovers.

But it's not Thanksgiving yet, Trish, how can you have leftovers?

Weren't you listening?

That dear hubs of mine will be off somewhere in the world flying his plane on the real Thanksgiving Day so we gobbled (hehe) up our Thanksgiving feast last night along with some friends who will also be separated on the big day.

I have so many deets about the big day to share, but this post will be dedicated to one thing, and one thing only; our table centerpiece.

Feast (I'm on a pun roll) your eyes on this:

I absolutely adored our lovely little centerpiece. It was a mix of thrifting, shopping around the house, and splurging for some new accessories and fresh flowers. Care to take a little tour? Keep reading.

I did not want the centerpiece to scream Thanksgiving, or stick with the traditional turkeys or, brown, red, orange, and yellow decor. My goal was to switch it up a bit. So instead of going traditional, I used oranges and teals to show I give a hoot about this day of thanks.

Speaking of hooters, I know owls are all the rage this fall season but I just had not hopped on that branch bandwagon. That is, until I saw these three lovelies. The large gal in the back was $8 at TJ Maxx, and these adorable salt and pepper shakers (shaking hooters...hehe) were $5 at Pier 1. Gotta love 'em! They stood out beautifully against the fresh flowers behind them.


I am so lucky that a great little flower shop recently opened up about 1/3rd of a mile from our home. I went in with the intentions of buying some white hydrangea and orange roses, and walked out with gerber daisies, some beautiful thistle, filler and these amazing flowers that look like hanging jack-o-lanterns. Aren't they so neat? Only mother nature could provide something like it. Props to her.

As for the rest the table, I used a mixed of gold and silver chargers and napkin rings, along with teal and orange napkins. Best part? I already owned them all! It's not often I pull together a table that I love, and since it was Sumner's debut, I had to do her justice.

The best part of the table setting? Well, I think this picture speaks for itself. She stayed under that table the entire time I worked and reworked it.

And she's one thing I'm truly thankful for.


  1. Hi there, stopping by from Mingle Monday! Love the Thanksgiving decor, can't wait to see what else you have in store for us!


  2. I absolutely love the colorful table settings! So pretty but doesn't scream pilgrims. :) Love it.

  3. Your table looks amazing!! I love it!! Those owls are precious!!!! You make me want a leftover turkey sandwich right now.



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