Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sumner, Sumner, Sumner, Time...

I can't stop singing Will Smith's summer classic today.

After months of saving, our dream dining room table is finally where she belongs; our house! Thanks friend's and family sale at Pottery Barn and your 20% off for making it all possible.

Not sure which table I'm talking about? Look, here, or here.


Isn't she stunning? I haven't seen an addition this grand since Jon and Kate Plus Eight, circa 2008. For the record, my addition is going to last a heck of lot longer and be a lot less annoying than that drama.

Stay tuned for how I will decorate this piece de resistance of our home. For now, feel free to sit and gaze at the table in all of it's natural glory. That's what I'll be doing the next few years hours.

PS- a special thanks to my amazing friends who lent some girl power while the hubs is out of town. There was no way I could have moved the 213lbs monster of a table by my lonesome!



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