Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cream (cheese) of the crop

Tonight I attended my monthly Officer's Spouse Club (OSC) meeting. During these meetings, we discuss  upcoming deployments, balls, meetings and other events. But, like most social gatherings, the most important aspect of our meetings is the food. Social glue if you will.

When I know I have to bring a dish, I always put a lot of thought into what to make. I try to compensate for what I lack in social grace with my developing culinary skills. In other words, I cook to impress. Unfortunately, during the week, I don't have a lot of time to devote to cooking so I end up keeping it simple. Sometimes simple works, just like tonight! I want to share my super yummy, and simple appetizer that is sure to impress every time!

Trish's Super Simple Wraps

Here's what you need (note: I usually use shrimp but I was being a cheapo and used imitation crab)

Mix cream cheese and 1/3ish cup of ranch (more or less to your liking )

Dice up veggies and break up crab into small bits

Follow the 5 "S's"

Splat the cream cheese spread
Spread the cream cheese spread
Sprinkle the toppings and roll up wrap

(refridgerate until firm, then )



Yummy, colorful delishness in every bite! What's your go to quick and easy appetizer?


  1. What a great idea, I'm taking mental notes! Thanks!

  2. Oh yum! I would love to make this! Maybe I will adopt it as my go-to appetizer, as I have none. This seriously made me hungry!

  3. woa that looks delicious. i'm going to have to try this one.



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