Sunday, October 17, 2010

House O' Mirrors

We're getting reflective over here these days, literally. Call me vain, but I am loving mirrors. Not for me- for my house! They make a room look bigger, brighter, and, most importantly, save me from having to decide on wall art- my decorating weakness. Check out the updates that I've made over the weekend.

Our first stop is the living room. The unfortunate thing about owning a home that needs lots of love is that you tend to get used to living with imperfection. The small details get over-looked while you're taking on the big projects. Take our mantle for example:

This photo does not do it justice, but our mantle is beautiful and flanked by built-ins on either side. I have dreams of tiling the black slate with shimmering glass tiles but I'll save that for a rainy day (as in, money raining from the sky). The decor on the mantle is a different story- it should have been changed long ago. That black frame has no place in our light and bright living room. It was supposed to be temporary and, a year later, it remains the same. Until today. Check out the gorgeous mirror I found at my favorite store; HomeGoods.

It was a splurge at $80, but I'm loving how light and airy it feels. It's the neutral start of what I intend to make a fabulous mantle display. What I'm not loving is how the mirror works with the wall color. I just may have to change that. Do you think it's a coincidence I've been dying to repaint the living room? Hear that, Paul? I'm such a schemer.

The next new mirror is in our entryway. I'd been looking for something special to greet guests and I struck gold errr, plastic, at a local thrift store:

I love the octagonal shape and delicate texture of this mirror (and the adorable puppy in the reflection). The color, however, makes it look like it belongs in an old age home and I just could not stand for that. I may be approaching my late twenties, but I'm no old lady! Oh, did I mention the price tag of this geometric beauty?

Your eyes do not decieve you- $2.49! Can you believe it? I couldn't either.

Check out the final result after three quick coats of white spray paint:

Hellloooo, gorgeous.

The final place in our house that you'll find new mirrors is in the dining room. This is an ongoing project but I'll give you a sneak peak. I'm turning eight of these $3 ikea mirrors into sparkling works of art:

It's a very time consuming project, but I can't wait to share it with you when it's all done!

And there you have it, our reflective home. Do you like to decorate with mirrors? Tell me about your most creative use of a mirror (keep it PG please, hehe).


  1. Oooh, I love all of them! We have a big mirror on our mantle (that I got at Big Lots for $25!!) and a fun shaped one that I found on clearance at Michaels in our office - You can see them in my room blog posts! :)

  2. WOW! They are so great!

    I love it!

    Mirrors are such a fabulous asset!

  3. Thanks ya'll! Laura- checked out your rooms- LOVE!

  4. I love the mirror on the mantle! I had to keep going back anf forth between the pics because it made such a difference. Looks amazing!



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