Monday, October 18, 2010

Tour de Scent

I received the ultimate compliment this weekend. I had a friend and his daughter over and as he was leaving our home, he said to me, "I wish my house smelled like yours."

This may not sound like much, but one aspect of house keeping that I'm over the top about is making sure you can never tell that our house is occupied by these two:

Let me rephrase this, I want to make sure your nose cannot tell that our two furry babies reside in our love nest. I work endlessly and spend obscene amounts of money on air fresheners to make sure this does not happen.

Follow me around our house as I give you the tour de scent:

I'm still finishing up the last of our summer scents so our home has a light, citrusy smell to it. The first scent you will smell as you walk into our house is Hawaiian breeze, a passion fruit based scent by Febreze. As you enter our dining room, you are greeted by Coconut Lime Verbena. It's subtle and not very coconuty actually. Which is good because I'm not a coconut fan.

 As you enter the living room, more Coconut lime welcomes you.

And, since plugin's are not very manly, I have a reed diffuser in the manroom. It's the hubs favorite scent; Vanilla. And yes, diffusers are way more masculine. Wooden rods? Come on now!

Upstairs, more Hawaiian Breeze greets you in our bathroom.

Even our unoccupied guest room has a plug in! Just simple Bath and Body Work's Clean Cotton.

And, since the hubs can't get enough wooden rods (hehe) we have another rod diffuser on his night stand in the bedroom. It's Lemon Grass and Citrus by Glade (said with an accent of course).

Besides the massive amounts of plugins, we also have countless scented candles in our home. And, I know you're gagging from all of this thinking our house smells like a Citrus Puerto Rican shower, but, I assure you, it's not overwhelming at all. It's light, fresh, airy, and subtle....just like me! Best of all, there is no trace of dog in our home- success!

While I'm loving the scent of our home these days, truthfully, I cannot wait for these plug-in's to run their course. I'm ready for some fall scents. How delish do these sound from Bath and Body Works' new line; Autumn Apple, Chocolate Mint, Frosted Cranberry? I'm drooling!

So, how do you scent your home? Candles, plug-in's, reed diffusers? Any DIY remedies? My mom loves to boil cinnamon in the winter for a festive scent. I want to hear all about your yummy house smells! Give a girl some tips.


  1. Wow, I never knew anyone was as obsessed with filling her home with good smells as me. I have 2 pups as well.

    I use the plug-ins, and scented candles, reed diffusers, and my new favorite are scented pine cones...they pack a lot of scent in a small package. And surprisingly, the cinnabon brand candles are cheap and fill my whole room up with cinnamony goodness.

  2. This sounds great! We just have one pupster, and I am seriously taking your tips to heart. I can't wait to get some plug ins! I was afraid they'd be too overpowering, but you have inspired me. Also, I may have to boil some cinnamon this season!

  3. My new discovery this year was "whole home air fresheners" that attach to the air filter in your ac/furnace. We got them @ Lowes for about 3 bucks. The scent is still pretty strong to me for about 15 days and the great thing is that they take care of your entire house with just one sheet. Only catch is that your ac/heat actually has to be running for them to work, so during mild weather months, you have to use another method!

  4. Oooo, thanks for the tips, Ladies!!!

    Jennifer- I've never heard of the entire house air fresheners. I will have to investigate this!

  5. Which plug in brand do you like the best? I have febreeze in by bedroom right now, but am open to trying Bath and Body or whatever else.


  6. Well...It's a tossup.

    For a scent that is stronger and covers more area, I definitely prefer Febreeze.

    But, Bath and Body has a much larger selection....

    Hopefully that will help!



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