Monday, October 25, 2010

I've been framed!

Phew....what a crazy last hour I've just had! Me, 15+ picture frames, and decisions to be made makes for one exhausted, yet satisfied DIYer.

I'm stirring up some wall art for our soon to be new living room paint color (stay tuned for that) and I have an itch to make a picture frame grouping over the couch. It's classic, simple, stylish, personal and, cheap! Just like me....mmmm, ok, not really.

Check our some of my inspiration groupings:

Inspiring, no?

For a grouping to be successful like my three favorites, it is important for the frames to share a common trait. Having qualities like the same style or color frame, same color mat, or classic black and white photos sets a classy grouping apart from a mish mosh (technical term) of frames thrown on the wall. My goal? Cheap, class, of course!

The first step to creating a successful a grouping? Grouping the frames!

I started by gathering all of the extra frames I had in the house, including some great deals I got treasure hunting at local thrift shops:

I spent the next hour or so arranging, and rearranging until I achieved my final product:


Getting warmer......

Baby, you're on fire...

Obviously, there is still a lot of white spray painting work to do on these bad boys to get a cohesive group of frames, but at least I have the ground work laid. Now, all I have to do is change the mats, spray paint the darker frames white, and find the perfect images. Can't wait for it to be all done and show you all!

Have you had success with groupings? Any tips to share? Or, do you prefer to forgo the abundance of frames? Think my grouping's balanced or do you see some place for improvement? Come on, groupies (hehe) spill!


  1. LOVE!!! can't wait to see it!!!

  2. I love this! You have so motivated me. I have a bunch of empty picture frames in the nursery and my baby is almost a year old now! I'm the worst procrastinator :(

  3. Oooh, I love that! I can't wait to see it finished!

  4. I love the frame groupings!! I have been obsessed for months. I have a big blank wall that I want to do it on. I found these frames on Pottery Barn that are a set and they have different sizes, but I like how you have mixed and matched!! Someday, I hope to achieve what you are working on. I would first half to get wedding prints and other pictures, and then frames... Can't wait to see the final!!!!

  5. I love what you came up with and think you could hang it as is and it would still be awesome! And you are so right about those photos being inspiring! I am totally going to attempt the first one with the chalkboard. Our couch is shaped just like that one, and I have a neat chalkboard left over from our wedding and a ton of frames! Thanks for sharing your inspiration and I can't wait to see your final grouping!

  6. Well, thank ya ladies! I cannot wait to get it done and show you either!

    Lindsey- the first one is my favorite too :)



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