Sunday, October 24, 2010

Girl's best friend(s)

When you're a military wife, likes yours truly, you learn to adjust to having a "part time" husband. This may not be the kindest way to put it, but it's true. Paul leaves frequently for many different lengths of time. When he leaves, it's up to me to maintain a home, take on his duties, work full-time, and take care of the pups. I don't complain too often about it because I took on the challenge with no reservations. Truthfully, I think I am the perfect type of girl for the "job." I am independent, not afraid to ask for help, and strong-willed. While these personality traits have their downfalls, I find them essential for being a military wife or more importantly, being a happy military wife.

The one complaint I have about being alone so often, is being alone in the house. It can be lonely. I try my best to fill up my social calendar, and have a great group of amazing girlfriends, many with their own "part time" husbands, but each night, it's inevitable that I will return to an empty house.

Well, this is not completely true, and it's the point of my post.

Tonight, as I sit on the couch, working on an arts and crafts project (will reveal soon) with banana bread in the oven, I am not alone. I am flanked on either side by my two furry best friends, Mattingly and Macie. I am always astounded at how they instinctively step up and provide me with love and companionship, second only to my dear hubs.


Aren't they the cutest? I don't know what I'd do without these two. They are hyper, naughty, and lots of work, but they never fail to make me smile. It's amazing how these little (and not so little) guys worked their way into my heart.


  1. Your dogs are so precious! I know what you mean - My hubby travels a lot for work (although not nearly as much as a military hubby, I respect you SO much!) so I'm so thankful to have a furry friend to keep me company.

  2. Those pictures are awesome!! I love the second to last one!! Your babies are precious. Isn't it nice to have a furry companion that is always there? My husband doesn't travel much, but he spends a lot of time at the library (for school... he says that he gets distracted at home), so I spend a lot of time with my baby too!

  3. Thanks Ladies, they really do make life a whole lot better!

  4. My husband is beginning to travel more for work (even though I am sure he is not gone as much as your husband), and my boxer definitely is great company. And, as an added bonus, they look a little bit intimidating to anyone that comes to the door (too bad they are all wiggles and kisses...but strangers don't need to know that!)

    Btw, you have an awesome blog, I just know you'll reach your goal of 100 readers!




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