Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane...

I may have mentioned a time or two that I love to travel. I've shared my trip to Key West, and our amazing California Coast vacation with you all over the last few months. Well friends, I've got a big vacation coming up reeeaallly soon. I can't disclose when or where I'm going just yet, but I'll fill you in on this much: it's a multi- country trip, I get to see my hubs, and it's good...real good.

I'm super excited for this adventure, but I have to tell ya- I'm having difficulty keeping my cool. Care if a vent a little? For starters, I am taking off the last two weeks of the school year. Closing out the school year is a pain in the patoot and leaving my kiddos before summer arrives gets me a little worked up. Worse than leaving my kiddos, however, is leaving my beloved pups. It's almost too much for my heart to bear. Yes, I know dogs have no concept of time, and yes, they are in great hands, but I'm crazy. Plain and simple.

Lastly, preparation. Oh, the horror...

Would you agree that successfully packing the right about of clothes, toiletries, shoes, other trip necessities all while leaving room for souvenirs should qualify for some sort of prize? Oh right, this is all while keeping things under 50lbs. Clearly a man has set this weight. As of right now, my bag is confidently weighing in at 36lbs without shoes and toiletries. Can I get a 'heck yea' for small sundresses?

I'm doing my best to pull myself together and stay solely excited for this trip and to see my love, but my stress ball self is roaring it's crazy head! Breathe, Trish, just breathe...

Do any of you have any great vacation plans coming up? How about any great packing tips? Does this post give you the urge to sing John Denver?

                                                              All my bags are packed...I'm ready to go...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

long overdue

I've been off the blog scene for quite a bit. With working full time and preparing for that dear hubs of mine to leave for a long deployment, life got busy. For the months leading up to Paul's deployment, I wanted to dedicate every single second to my husband and living our life (and completing house projects!). The blog got kicked to the curb.

But, I missed chronicling our life and house projects, and I missed  you, my blog friends. So, here I am. Truth be told, I actually had many people asked why I stopped blogging. The idea that people actually read this and wanted me to continue was a very happy surprise.

It's been a few weeks since Paul left for deployment and I am back to acting as a "single" mom to my adorable pups. The responsibility of caring for the the house, yard, and life are left for me. And, to be honest, I don't really mind. I actually like having everything in my control- it's the type A in me. But, Paul leaving wasn't all sunshine and roses. I spent the first two days of deployment a little weepy and on edge. Being separated from my husband for over half a year is a daunting idea to carry around.

On day three I woke and said myself, "Trish, you have to get through these next seven plus months whether you want to or not, you may as well live and enjoy this time." Since then, I ended the one person pity party, pulled on my big girl panties, and have faced deployment with a positive attitude. With the school year coming to an end, lots of girlfriends, and an upcoming two week European vacation (more on that later), life is pretty darn good.

I look forward to sharing my life and house with you again, and hope you'll stick around to read about it!


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