Thursday, September 30, 2010

Better late than never

Today marks one month since the hubs and I returned from our week long trip down the California coast. We have traveled a fair amount, mostly outside of the United States, but this trip was, hands down, the best vacation we've ever taken.

So often, when Americans vacation, we try to travel outside of the country. Cruises, the Carribean, Europe, Mexico- we're all trying to get out! The truth is, there's so much to see in our own backyard.

The hubs was gone all summer so I planned our 7 day trip down the "golden coast." Our adventure began in Sonoma, and continued down (via convertible woohoo!) to San Francisco, then Monterrey and Carmel. We spent 2-3 days in each place and saw the best of what they had to offer. Our trip was a perfect marriage of meticulously  planned activities, spontaneity and exploring the beaten path.

I could ramble on and on about all we did, but I will allow our photos to tell the story. Enjoy!




There you have it, in 31 photos, our California adventure.


  1. You take really beautiful photos! do you have a DSLR?? Your trip looks like so much fun!!

  2. That looks like so much fun! And your pictures are fantastic! I love the one with the wine barrels and the one of the stones on the beach. Amazing!!



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