Monday, July 12, 2010

Key West- "Where the World Goes to Party"

... or to kill time while their husband works!

This summer is very bittersweet for me. Though I have 10 glorious weeks off, Paul will be gone for 7 of them. This separation makes for a bit of loneliness, many house projects, countless dinners alone, and... the chance to travel! What sense would it make to be a Navy wife without taking advantage of this sweet, sweet opportunity?

I was fortunate enough to spend 4 1/2 days "with" Paul this week in beautiful Key West. Though Paul worked 3 of the 4 1/2 days I was there, I managed to find plenty to do to entertain myself. There is nothing a good book and a beautiful beach can't solve.

Did you know that approximately 800 islands make up the Florida Keys? Of these islands, only 30 are inhabited by people. Key West has the greatest population of 25,000 full year residents, or "Conch's" as they are called.

Key West offers something for everyone; museums, history, art, diversity, beaches and...drinking. There is never an inappropriate time to have a cocktail (or two) in hand. Most people that visit Key West take full advantage of this, myself included!

A trip to Key West would not be complete without the very cliche, yet very necessary photograph with the Southernmost Point marker. This marks a distance of 90 miles from Cuba, which is actually closer to Key West than Miami (154 miles).

The highlight of my trip was my visit to Mallory Square. According to the locals, Mallory Square used to be a quiet place for Conch's to hang out, drink, and party. With a backdrop of an unrivaled sunset, who can blame them for choosing this spot so many years ago? In recent years, Mallory Square has become a large tourist attraction, full of performers and local art vendors. What has not changed, is the view of the sunset. Absolutely and simply breathtaking.


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