Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Man Room

This weekend marked a momentous occasion for Paul and I; our one year houseiversary! We've officially lived in our house for a whole year!

As I've said in earlier posts, when we bought our house, it needed lovin'... and lots of it! Though we've tackled much of the house, one room we've been putting off is Paul's "man room."  With the realization that we've been in the house a year and are not done- it's time to pick up speed. Hence, another room redo has begun.

I realize that this is Paul's man room. I do...I swear. However, I can't help but take lead when it comes to anything decorating. It's in my nature. Fortunately, it's also in Paul's nature to let me take lead. This is why we work.

I LOVE all things nautical...anchors, rope sea shells, 50's pin ups ~~~~~~>
so Paul's man room will have a nautical feel.  I'm so excited to get started on the room and to get decorating but first thing's first, we need to paint. We started this evening and painted nearly all of the trim in the room (it's navy blue and I loathe it. LOATHE it. but I will save this for another post.)

I don't think there is anything more important to the feel of a room than paint choice. However, picking the perfect color can prove daunting. Warm colors, cool colors, too dark, too light, egg shell, flat...I can go on and on. Usually, when Paul and I pick color for a room, we have at least 3 samples up on the wall before I can commit.

Not this time! I have known what the color of the walls would be for months and here it is:

Check out that amazing shade of the blue in the entryway. I've had my heart set on this color ever since I started watching Modern Family last fall. It's called Labrador Blue from Benjamin Moore and it's fabulous. I can hardly wait to get it on the walls!

PS-  this set, the Dunphey house on Modern Family is my style dream. Check out some other pics. So fab!


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