Monday, October 04, 2010

Getting Manly

After a walk and a game of fetch with the pups, I am done being Debbie Downer for the day. Life ain't always sunshine and puppies, even in our sweet little neck of the woods 'burbs.

I'm sooo excited to reveal the manroom to you finally! It has become my favorite room in the house. I'm trying to rename the room to make it a little more female friendly, but Hubs is insistent that it's his "manroom." Fortunately for me, he let's me in even though I'm not a man. It's one of his favorite things about me, actually.

But, before we get to the good stuff, there is always a before.'s not pretty as most befores usually aren't. For the record, every room in our house had the gorgeous blue trim and dirty white walls when we moved in. It's been a blast covering it all...I type this with the most sarcastic tone I can conjure up.


How was that? Painful right? It looked even worse in person than in photos.

And now...the after. Far less painful and way prettier manlier:

 The hubs loves vintage Navy posters and had bought of these when we lived in Florida. They work perfectly in the room and we both love them!

 The TV entertainment unit was well worth the two trips to IKEA in subsequent weekends.

A manroom is not complete without a beer fridge.

 A view from sitting on the sectional.

 My favorite little man modeling the new digs.

 You can see the new car through the window :)

We made this sign together at our local pottery shop.

And there you have it, Paul's our manroom! I gotta be honest, I can't wait for the hubs to have a guys night so I can watch him enjoy the room they way it's really meant to spent...with the boys. He deserves a room all to himself (but I love that he likes to share it with me).


  1. Hi! I'm visiting from Mingle Monday! I love the manroom. I want my husband to have a mancave at somepoint, but I'm focusing on the rest of our house first!

  2. Love it! You guys did a great job. My husband thinks our living room is his man room. He refuses to let me move the deer mount out of there!

  3. This is amazing! I love the beer fridge. It makes me want a man room of my own!

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