Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Feelin' Groupy

After a few coats of spray paint, lots of deliberation, and a few tricks with the hammer, our grouping is up and running, err....hanging.

As a girl with a terrible handicap in choosing wall art, I would say this grouping has saved me! It was a cinch to put together and hang. For the record, I am the picture hangerer (new word) in our casita. Ask the hubs, I work a hammer, nails, and a level like no other.

Here's a bit of a closer peek:

All of the photographs are of our wedding, puppies and scenery from our trip to California . The large green print is our ketubah, which is our Jewish wedding contract. The four keys on the top are keys from each home we have lived in. Got that idea from Young House Love. See that "R?" I bought it from Etsy. It was so neat- they just sent me the digital file for a mere $2 and it's mine to print in any size I want, forever. Fooorrrevvveeerrr (Sandlot, anyone?). I'm completely digging it.

This grouping was so simple and cheap to do. With the exception of the Ketubah frame (which I practically stole from Pottery Barn for $40!!!) I already owned all of necessary items. Gotta love that! Anyone else done any amazing groupings lately? Share, share, share!!!


  1. Looks fabulous!!! I really really want to do this (I have no frames, no wedding prints, no any other prints...) Someday, I hope to get to it!! I just love the way yours looks! My fear for mine is not looking "artsy" enough. You know?

  2. I love that! We have a 'grouping' of frames on the wall in our living room, but it's actually more of a line. I love how yours turned out!

  3. It looks really great- you put my house to shame!

  4. Thanks, Ladies!!! I appreciate all of your kind words.

    Nikki- go for it! Just lay it out on the floor for hours like I did until you get the look you want. Fool proof!

  5. I think it looks fantastic. I LOVE the flowers too! Where'd you find those?

  6. I LOVE that flourish of posies in the corner. It's a wonderful touch, and I'll have to steal it when I redo my bedroom next month.

  7. The flowers are from Kohl's. They were on sale for $20 for 25 of them! I used 8 and have the rest in my craft drawer. I know I will use the rest one of these days...maybe in a baby girl's room somewhere in the future! (nope, not preggers!)



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