Saturday, November 13, 2010

A birthday letter to my hubs

To My Hubs,
On this very special day, I wanted to stop and take a moment just for you. We both know, in our relationship, this doesn't happen often (part of the reason you love me, right?) But today, my love, is all about you. It's your birthday, and guess what? I'm so very glad you were born (ok- it's still about me just a little bit)!

Your last two birthdays have not been ideal. Last year we were stranded at home with four feet of water surrounding our neighborhood due to the Nor'easter. This year, you've been swept away by Uncle Sam. Neither of these circumstances are ideal for a birthday celebration, but you, my darling, are something worth celebrating.

Though every birthday of yours is one to celebrate, today marks a momentous year. You are officially and undeniably in your "late" twenties.  I'm not sure when it happened, but somehow, through our nearly 12 years together, I blinked, and we've become adults. Scratch that, you've become an adult. I'm still the ripe young age of 26, I'll let you take a stab at adulthood first. Let me know how it is :)

If I take a few moments to recall, I can remember most of your 27 birthdays, well at least after the age of 15. From 16, when you DJed a party in a basement, to 21, when you had MRSA in your finger, to 24, your first birthday married to little old me and the beginning of our spaghetti tradition, and today, 27, when I kissed you goodbye and left you at the airplane terminal.

You've already accomplished so much in the last 27 years and I know that only the best is yet to come. Thank you for choosing me to spend your birthdays, and every other day of your life with. Even though we're not together, I hope this is your best birthday yet! Happy birthday, my love.

             Love you always,






  1. That is TOO sweet! Love that you guys have been together for so long! Happy Birthday to your sweet hubby, and THANK YOU to him for serving our country!

  2. What a sweet and loving birthday post for your hubby!! You wrote it very much like the best birthday card ever, I hope he liked it :)Sorry you guys couldn't spend his birthday together, but you really have an amazing outlook on the situation.




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