Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A stroll through my neighborhood

The weather here in Virginia this weekend was perfection at nearly 70 degrees without a cloud in the sky. Since the hubs isn't home these days, I decided to take a walk with two of my other favorite buddies; my camera and Macie. Together we captured how my neighborhood is adjusting to fall.

my  lovely assistant

Most of the trees here are still holding onto their leaves which have changed into a warm rainbow of color. Many of the tree's foliage have taken on a dark, crimson red. When the sun hits, they almost look as if they're on fire. 

Isn't mother nature incredible?


 Other trees have taken on a bright orange hue. Makes me ready for pumpkin pie.

Though most are holding strong, some trees are showing signs that winter is coming.

To battle those cold winter nights, some neighbors have ordered wood for their fireplaces.

While others still hold on tight to fall memories.

And, like many things in life, always expect the unexpected. Sometimes you may just find a cactus in the middle of a city.

How is fall looking over in your neck of the woods, city, suburbs?

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  1. stopping by from Mingle Monday. beautiful pictures!



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