Thursday, November 11, 2010

In the words of Nelly

It's getting hot in hurrrr tonight... and it's not what you think.


Tonight, the hubs and I fired up (pun intended) the fireplace for the first time this season. There was just enough crisp in the air to allow it....

Check out my hubs, floo preparer extraordinaire. He's skilled in so many ways...

The fire adds such a coziness to the living room. Dontcha think?

Want to know what does not add a sense of coziness to the living room?

A nearly year old layer of dust that has been hiding behind our fireplace screen...yuck.

This mess has since been resolved. I swear...

Now all we need is a bearskin rug....roar, baby, roar...


  1. So cozy! I don't think we'll ever use our fireplace! I would love to, but we'll have to see how much colder it could get where we live now.

  2. This was the one thing about our house were about to move into we were sad about... We wanted a fireplace so bad! But you cant be too choosy in the tiny town of Stafford, VA... Its adorable Trish, I am in love with your house and your blog!

  3. Ahh, so cozy! I am SO excited to use our fireplace, but it needs to be cleaned reeeally well before that happens! LOVE yours!

  4. Thanks all! We love using our fireplace :)



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