Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"That's what she said"

Being a kindergarten teacher, it's not often I get to write "like a grownup." When I began this blog, an objective I set was to use this blog as an outlet to write in a grown up fashion. This post does not reflect that goal.

One of the hubs and my favorite TV shows is The Office. We own every season and have watched each episode countless times. Often, we use Michael Scott's (a main character of the show) coined phrase "that's what she said," when referring to something of sexual or ridiculous nature. This proves no differently for our bathroom renovation. Over the last two weeks, the hubs and I have spent approximately 50 or more hours locked in our 5 x 8ft closet of a bathroom. We've needed some comic relief.

The following are actual instances to which we've added Michael Scott's famous quote. If you're easily offended, I would stop reading right about now. If you're open to crass and childish humor, get on it (that's what she said):

" It's too big."   (that's what she said)
" I swear it fit last time." (that's what she said)
" I can't get a good grip on this." (that's what she said)
" Why do I feel like the hole changed sizes?" (that's what she said)
" Oh my gosh, it's spraying all over me." (that's what she said)
" Come on, give it a good whack." (that's what she said)
" If you want it to work you have to do it harder than that." (that's what she said)
" That's not straight at all." (that's what she said)
" I can't get it in." (that's what she said)
" It's so hard to screw this. " (that's what she said)
" It's still too soft." (that's what she said) 
" I'm so tired of being on my knees." (that's what she said) 

And, our personal favorite... 

" Just get on top of it and push really hard." (that's what she said)

I hope you get a kick out of these as much as we did. I know it's silly, childish, and immature, but it has kept us entertained over the last two weeks. Plus, I know we're not the only ones there tossing out the ole' "That's what she said." Are you guilty as well?


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