Thursday, January 06, 2011

Reving it up!

We all have them; those pesky pet peeves in your home that just irk you to no end. Most of the time, they're an easy fix, but not quite problematic enough to put effort into amending. You must have at least one if you think about it long enough. I'll give you a minute....

Got it?

Ours was in the kitchen.

If you've seen our kitchen, you'll be quick to notice that it's not very large. It's long and narrow, which doesn't allow much space for a trash can. Plus, I'm just not a fan of exposed trash. I like to keep it hidden, I'm secretive like that. So, to cater to our kitchen and my needs, we threw a small plastic bin under the sink. A fine solution, except that I always, always found trash in the cabinet. We have bad aim, what can I say? I was fed up with picking up trash from the Kraft Single wrapper too many threw me over the edge. 

I decided to put an end to our trash issue on one of our recent Lowe's trips. The solution? The hubs and I bought our very first under the cabinet pull out garbage can kit from:

check out more of their products here

I was so very anxious to install our Rev A Shelf and whipped out our drill as soon as we got home. Then I ran into a problem...

The cabinet wouldn't close. In my moment of excitement, I forgot to measure to ensure our new trash can would fit. Due to our feed from the dishwasher, it didn't. Drats!

Lucky for us, I was able to think outside of the cabinet box and put the new Rev a Shelf under the left side of the cabinet where there are no pipes. And wouldn't you know, it fit like a glove. Well not quite like a glove, but you get the point.

After four quick screws and a switcheroo of our cleaning supplies, our pesky problem was solved.

Don't you just love organization? It makes my heart flutter.

For the record, it's now been about three weeks since we've switched our garbage can set up, and I'm happy to share that our cabinets are free of debris. The downside? The hubs and I are creatures of habit and haven't adapted to it's new location. We'll get there...hopefully!

Now that I've shared our silly little home issue, I want to know about yours. What is that one (or more) thing in your home that is so irritating but not quite worth your effort? Or maybe you're crazy like me and need to fix what's not quite that broken. Do you own any Rev A Shelf products and love them as much as we do?


  1. We don’t have a revashelf and we do have a huge trash can at the end of our counter because we need all the cabinet space we can get in this tiny apartment. BUT my pet peeve is our lack of clothing storage space. Our last apartment was HUGE and we each had a walk-through closet and now we share most of our clothes and all the towels and sheets are folded on the shelves on top of where the clothes hang. And I’m short, so trying to pull something down usually results in clothes falling on my head.

    Soooooo, for our den (which is usually just a mess of storage), I bought this: in black and it holds all the sheets and towels. We’re finally in the market for a new, larger dresser so soon no clothes will fall on my head and our current chest of drawers will house our off-season clothes in the more boxes. Yippeeeeee!

  2. We are sooo going through the same thing! The things I find 'behind' our trash's amazing!...and gross! We have it set up the same way you do. We need to install that! I am showing this blog to hubby when he gets home! do we get them to actually get the tissues in the basket in the bathroom....and not all around like a horrible, white floral arrangement??? lol!
    Thanks for this blog!!!! =)

  3. My pesky problem: We live in base housing, so it's not like I can change it. But in the kitchen, they put the sink that has the garbage disposal on the opposite side of the dishwasher. So it's garb. dis. sink, regular sink, dishwasher. It's annoying cause when I rinse the dishes I'd like to put them in the dishwasher without trailing them over the clean dishes that are air drying in the regular sink. Does that make sense? hahaha ahhh it bothers me!
    I'm glad you got your trash can fix though =)

  4. What a great idea! I am sure that you will get used to the location eventually and it will seem as if it was always there!!

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  6. Great idea, you'll get used to it quick enough!

  7. Oh it looks great now! Clever girl for thinking outside the cabinet :)

    I'm loving your curtain and the yellow tealight holders(?) ! Beautiful!

    My pesky-but-can't-quite-be-bothered thing is the laundry. It's a bizzare set up (it's outside! But fully enclosed with a door.....) and the Mr is forever cluttering it up with boys toys.

    One of these days i WILL get some hooks and shelving and organise that baby up!



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