Monday, January 24, 2011

Bathroom Renovation Part Four: Womp, Womp, Womp

Well hey there strangers! It's been nearly a week since I've posted anything. Please excuse me. With report cards due Friday, my new workout routine plus Macie's dog training class (we'll touch on those another day) and the fact that I'm hosting nearly 20 people for our monthly OSC (Officer's Spouse Club) meeting on Saturday, I'm wiped. Oh yeah, I've also taken on making new shades for the living room, felting headbands, and some other general redecorating and crafts. I'm exhausted just typing it all...

But, my dear bloggy friends, I have some bad news... 
Our bathroom is not yet complete. And the hubs is gone for a month. I could cry. Cue the violins.

Due to a last minute broken tile saw, and the wrong sized nipple (the faucet's not mine thankyouverymuch!) we've been delayed. I could probably finish it alone but I want to do it with the hubs. We started this together, and will finish it together. Plus, I think I'm just a smidge over this project. However, I do have some updates to show you. Care to see?

The last time I showed you the bathroom, it looked a little something like this. No lighting besides our floor lamp, no sink, and, most importantly, no commode.

These days, we have a mostly functional restroom and a complete floor. I have to tell you, I am LOVING it. The vanity is about 6 inches narrower than the one we took out and it makes our teeny tiny bathroom feel so much larger. A wise choice on our parts, if I do say so myself.

As for the shower, we have two of the three walls tiled. They're simple and classic. We're very happy with the results. If you take a look at our unfinished third wall, here's what's holding up our entire bathroom remodel.

The pipe that sticks out of the wall and into the faucet is called a nipple. This stinkin' nipple has made it very difficult for us as our faucet will not fit onto it. We have to get some expert help to advise us and, luckily, I have a friend coming over tomorrow to help. Once this problem is solved, we will be able to tile around it. Don't you just hate uncooperative nipples?

So there you have it, the progress that's been made in the bathroom. Luckily, we have two showers so our out of commission shower has not been too big of an issue. 

Next update you get will be the final reveal. Let's hope it's much sooner than later!

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