Sunday, January 02, 2011

Bathroom Renovation Part Two: Inspiration

It was easy for Paul and I to decide that we didn't love our bathroom and it needed a face lift. However, deciding what to install was not so simple. With the selection of tiles, vanities, mirrors, and paint swatches available, the options were endless. After hours of searching the internet and walking up and down the aisles of Home Depot and Lowes, we decided that simple was key. The truth is, as a military couple, we won't be in our home forever (I'm tearing up already) so while we need to love what we do to our house, it also has to be appealing to buyers.

We're still in the process of recreating a room by hanging drywall and cement board so we're no where near finished. Most likely, it will be a few more weeks until the room is put back together and I can show you all of our finished hard work (don't worry, I'll have pics and updates along the way!).

What I can show you right here, right now, are some inspiration pictures that I have found all over the web to give you an idea of what you can expect in our new bathroom.

We love the airy look of this white bathroom. Though it's a teeny, tiny bathroom like ours, the continuity of white, plus the natural lighting, makes it feel open. We're not going with a pedestal sink because we need more storage, but how cute is that shower curtain? Love the delicate and fun print!

Since our home was born (yes, born) in 1959, the goal for our room is to keep with the era of the home mixed with modern appeal. We are big fans of black and white tile (just take a look at our kitchen). To us, black and white screams elegant, simple, and timeless. We want the bathroom to look like it could be original to the home. Another bonus of black and white? It allows you to accessorize with any color to change up the look of a room. Don't you love the little topiary on the counter? I hope to incorporate some sort of live (looking) plants as well.

How gorgeous is this white subway tile? To me, subway tile is like Ryan Reynolds' abs; the more I see, the better. I just can't get enough. While we will not tile any walls other than our shower (you'll see why when I show you the demo process tomorrow), we will definitely incorporate subway tile in our new bathroom. Perhaps with a black and white octagonal insert? You'll just have to see!

So, what do you think? Anything you love or maybe you don't care for? Do you love black and white tile as much as us? Maybe you don't care about our bathroom and just want to talk about Ryan Reynolds and his abs? Not a problem! Nothing is up yet so we still have the flexibility to change our ideas or add some new ones!


  1. Like your new background! Can't wait to see your bathroom!!!!

  2. I can see from the photos that you and your husband wanted to have a white interior for your bathroom. If so, then I think it’s a good idea. White bathrooms are neat and very pleasing to the eye. The white subway tiles are gorgeous. I think it will be perfect if you guys included them in your bathroom. It’s been quite a long time since then, can we see some photos of your newly renovated bathroom?

    Kristopher Diss



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