Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bathroom Renovation Part One: The before

I don't think I told you that the hubs and I were supposed to take a vacation to New Mexico over our Holiday Break. We had our tickets and hotel booked, and were supposed to leave today. Well, the Navy had other plans for us so, due to military obligations, our vacation got the big C. As in, canceled. I picture the giant red stamp coming down...further pounding the finality that our Holiday vacation is sans vacation. Cue the sad music and clown with tear drop.

With the money saved for the vacation and a week with no work on our hands, we've decided to take on a project. It's just how we roll. So, our upstairs bathroom is under renovation. Not just a little revamping like we did in the downstairs bathroom, we've taken this sucker down to the studs! It is so disgusting and embarrassing and has been the bane of our existence since we moved into our home. I don't even show it to people when they come over and want a little house tour. But you, my loving and non-judgmental (please) bloggy friends, are in for a treat. Here's the grand tour of our absolutely horrid bathroom.

From far away, it's a bit dated, but not terrible. Not particularly attractive, but clean and functional enough. How do you like the shelving units that came with the house. If you look closely you will find dirt, gunk, and rust stains. Shall we continue?

As you look into our 1950's mirror and antiquated lighting fixture, you will notice the peeling paint. There are spots like this all over the walls. You can also see our cookie cutter, blah vanity. Over it! I'm so embarrassed- you're not judging right?

Let's look at shower and tub. Are you digging the beige square tiles? They are reminiscent of a hospital and, when you get really close, the grout is turning different colors. This tile surrounds the entire bathroom. All.four.walls. Oh gosh...should I keep going?

Now for the tub. This big hunka metal is cast iron and weighs 300ish lbs. They don't make 'em like this anymore! The finish is wearing off of the bottom so it's rough and looks brown- I swear it's not dirty! I've been dying to take a bath for over a year and this tub just won't allow for it. It's official- I'm humiliated.

There you have it, my friends, the embarrassment of our home. The dated, dirty, disgusting bathroom that we've lived with for the last nearly 18 months. We've spent the last two days demolishing this monstrosity and I have so much to share, but I'm just too exhausted to get it all out. Demo is not for the weary. Stay tuned for lots of rubble, power tools, and a sledgehammer heading your way!


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