Monday, December 13, 2010

What's Cookin' Good Lookin' Review: Natasha's Autumn Bread

Thank you so much for your participation this week. I am so excited to try out some of these new recipes now that hubs is home for a while (as of last night woohoo!). It was hard to make a choice but I went with Natasha's Autumn Bread  because it scared me the most. Baking home made bread? Yikes! But I like a challenge (I'm from Jersey, what can I say?) and went into this recipe with low expectations and high hopes.

Well guess what?

This bread was unbelievably easy to make and ridiculously Amazing. That's right, Amazing with a capital "A."

I followed Natasha's recipe closely and only made two minor tweaks:

- I cut the recipe in half because I wasn't sure how much bread it would make and it sounded like a lot!
- I did not use a pizza peel, but rather a wooden cutting board.

You can find Natasha's whole recipe here, but I've created a photo time line of how things went down, well know, because of the yeast (bad joke):

Mixing the ingredients...

Covered and getting ready to rise for the occasion...

Ready to go into the oven (and a lesson on why not to put your baking stone under the broiler)

Golden and beautiful fresh from the oven...

To quote Despicable Me, "It's so fluffy!!!"

Natasha, you have officially changed my life.

Seriously girls, this bread is incredible and so ridiculously easy to make. You must try it.

Cannot wait to see what you're all cooking up this week!


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